2015- Lensic Theater, Santa Fe, N.M.

Hi Everybody,

This has been a busy year so far. Have been flying...driving...or cruising practically non-stop.

Had a fun show at the Palm Springs Hilton and another great show in Santa Fe's Lensic Theater.

Very soon, I will be back singing on the cruise line, but not on the Princess Lines, this time it's the super Queen Mary 2 on the Cunard line. As you see I can't complain. They are keeping me busy....and I love it.

Having avidly followed the remarkable career of international singing sensation Tonia Bern-Campbell for three decades, I can promise in advance that wherever she appears, whatever selections she performs, Tonia will dazzle her audience with the range and power of her musical talent, her unwavering musicality and enduring glamour.

Tonia's latest and perhaps most endearing vocal program, "The Colors of My Life", embraces evergreens from theatre, films as well as luminaries both here and abroad. The crowd welcomes fresh renditions of the rarely performed "I Happen to Like New York" by Cole Porter, Edith Piaf's throbbing " My Man" plus Judy Garland's poignant "Man that Got Away", Charles Aznavour's touching "This Will Be My Day" and Lena Horne's sensual "I Love to Love" among la Campbell's array of sterling standards. As always, the statuesque blond entertainer leaves us wishing for even more as Tonia weaves 'The Colors of (her) Life" into pure gold!


TONIA BERN-CAMPBELL, internationally known actress and singer, has headlined in such places as Carnegie Hall, the Savoy in London, in Monte Carlo and Las Vegas. "As one columnist put it: "When she rocks, the lovely hair flies and the hall jumps. When she's still, the house is instantly hushed." Perhaps the perfect comment on a perfect performance, "She cannot be compared with anyone." (The London Times, "Tonia's Recipe is Brilliant") - more

MY SPEED KING - Life with Donald Campbell

Tonia Bern-Campbell shares the intimate details of her provocative life with England's national hero, Donald Campbell in her book, "My Speed King" Life with Donald Campbell. More...

Tonia Bern-Campbell takes the mic at Jim Caruso's Cast Party at Birdland in NYC, on March 7, 2011."Milord"

"Piaf, Chevalier, Brel"remembered in song by their protegee Tonia Bern-Campbell with accompanist Richard Berent.

Video clip courtsey of Angela Hill Productions - 909-336-3529

World Reviews - more

TROPICANA, LAS VEGAS, NV - "This girl has everything, a shape and a set of pipes that excite."

SAVOY, LONDON - DAILY EXPRESS - "bitter-sweet and sexy. She fascinated the audience...the repertoire told of the nostalgia of a woman who has lived..."

MONTREAL - DAILY SIGNAL - "Bern-Campbell has a generous supply of magical appeal, that magnetic presence which puts her up there with the great one's like Piaf."

OTTAWA, ONTARIO - CHATEAU LAURIER - "Radiantly attractive, she sweeps in with all the class and confidence of a true professional and proves she has a lot more to offer that just a dazzling appearance..."

NEW YORK - WORLD TELEGRAM - St. Regis Hotel... "The chic Belgique...carols and frisks entrancingly in several languages."

SANTA MONIA, CA. - EVENING OUTLOOK - "...And now for the first of the "flash acts" - European song stylist Tonia Bern-Campbell, a throwback to Edith Piaf, Jacques Brel and Hildegrade. A talented entertainer, full of stage savvy." (by Ed Kaufmann)

JOHANNESBURG - RANDY DAILY MAIL - "If you want to see real talent in action, trot along to the Chelsea Theatre and watch Tonia Bern-Campbell. She is delicious, with her purring Belgian voice and vibrant personality..."

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